Waste Management

Waste Management2022-12-30T08:25:13-05:00

Kenvirons is recognized in Kentucky and the nation as a leader in providing professional services to the solid and hazardous waste industry. Our firm offers clients comprehensive expertise in the planning, permitting, design, construction and compliance monitoring of solid and hazardous waste disposal facilities. The landfill and solid waste engineering services of Kenvirons encompass a wide range of client/facility support for contained, CD & D, special waste, residual and coal combustion residual (CCR) landfills, including beneficial reuse and other solid waste applications.

Design and Permitting2022-12-19T12:31:07-05:00

Kenvirons has been intimately involved in the design, permitting, bid preparation, construction quality assurance (CQA), and operational/regulatory compliance Inspections of various landfill facilities. Kenvirons has also provided similar services for Subtitle D disposal facilities, CCR landfills, Hazardous Waste disposal facilities, and beneficial re-use projects including environmental monitoring and compliance issues throughout Kentucky.

Compliance Plans (SPCC, GPP, SWP3)2020-02-14T12:23:38-05:00

We have prepared hundreds of compliance plans including Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans, Groundwater Protection (GPP) Plans, and Industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWP3) Plans for a wide range of clients encompassing many different types of facilities, large and small. Our staff of professional engineers and technicians have the experience and expertise to navigate our clients through the compliance plan process.

Compliance and Regulatory Issues2020-03-03T15:50:57-05:00

Our expertise with waste management has allowed us to serve our clients at the highest level for all compliance and regulatory waste issues. We provide our clients with expert consulting to assess regulatory revisions, provide assistance with compliance, and aid facilities with special waste approvals to meet regulatory and permit requirements.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control2022-12-19T12:42:36-05:00

Kenvirons provides construction quality assurance (CQA) monitoring for waste disposal facility projects. CQA services have been provided for over 40 million square feet of landfill development for more than 25 years.

Landfill Methane Gas Systems2022-12-19T12:43:24-05:00

Kenvirons provides engineering services for methane gas systems from design to construction including construction quality assurance monitoring during installation. We also provide Title V permit testing, Greenhouse Gas and landfill well field tuning & compliance for both State and Federal Needs.

Operations Assistance2020-03-03T15:57:20-05:00

Kenvirons assists with facility operations and management to meet airspace, compaction and compliance requirements. Work includes development of waste fill and access plans, field compaction testing, field inspections, operations and costs analysis as well as long term facility development planning.

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