Water Resources

Water Resources2022-12-30T08:25:14-05:00

We at Kenvirons have been providing professional water resources engineering services since 1975 for many clients throughout Kentucky and other states. These services include stormwater management, dam design, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, FEMA Levee Certifications, and floodplain construction permitting. Our personnel have the experience and demonstrated performance to provide our clients with the highest level of services in these areas while providing our services at a very competitive cost.

Storm Water Management2020-02-14T13:16:48-05:00

Our staff of engineers and technicians have provided our clients with professional stormwater management services to reduce runoff and improve water quality at their facilities. We have many years of experience helping facilities reach the goal of compliant stormwater management practices founded on pollution prevention.

Dam Design2020-02-14T13:17:11-05:00

Kenvirons has completed dam design projects for our clients since the 1970s. Our experienced professional engineers have designed new dams, evaluated existing dam systems, and have provided construction engineering, inflow design, and permitting services in this area.

Hydraulic/Hydrologic Modeling2020-02-14T13:17:33-05:00

Kenvirons utilizes hydraulic and hydrologic computer modeling technology as a standard policy in order to ensure the maximum knowledge possible of both the clients existing operational system and the effects of the proposed improvements. Our staff of engineers has the experience and expertise with models such as KYPipe to provide our clients with the best engineering data possible.

FEMA Levee Certifications2020-02-14T13:18:23-05:00

Kenvirons has provided expert professional engineering services to assist our clients through the process of meeting FEMA requirements for levees. Our experience includes obtaining FEMA certifications and meeting Federal design, construction, maintenance and operation standards to adequately reduce the risk of flooding from a major flood.

Floodplain Construction Permitting2020-02-14T13:19:38-05:00

Our firm has completed many different floodplain construction projects for our clients. We have expertise and experience with the preparation of applications for permitting required to conduct construction activity in the Special Flood Hazard Areas.

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