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Water & Wastewater2022-12-30T08:25:13-05:00

Since its inception, Kenvirons has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Kentucky and the surrounding states for the firm’s ability to provide quality engineering services in a range of areas that include potable water treatment facilities, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, water distribution systems, sewage collection systems, water intake structures, pump and lift stations, residential and commercial development plans, storm water and sediment control structures, water supply studies, rate studies, wastewater facility plans, natural gas systems, and construction cost estimating.

Feasibility and Planning2020-02-14T12:52:38-05:00

Kenvirons has extensive experience providing feasibility studies and planning services for municipal and private entities evaluating new and modified water and wastewater systems. Our expertise in evaluating operating budgets and cash flows coupled with our professional engineering design services delivers the services our clients want.

Rate Studies2020-02-14T12:53:28-05:00

Kenvirons has prepared numerous rate studies that provide our clients with the necessary information to assess water and wastewater projects and achieve water self-sufficiency, maintain high-quality and reliable water and wastewater services, improve environmental sustainability and maintain healthy budget balances.

Funding Assistance2020-02-14T12:54:11-05:00

Kenvirons has developed an effective network of funding expertise, including associations with Area Development Districts, private grant writers, and in-house expertise. Kenvirons continually strives to maintain up-to-date knowledge of available funding sources and keeps abreast of the most up-to-date application procedures and requirements to most effectively serve the needs of our clientele.

Hydraulic Modeling2020-02-14T12:54:56-05:00

Kenvirons utilizes hydraulic computer modeling technology as a standard policy in order to ensure the maximum knowledge possible of both the clients existing operational system and the effects of the proposed improvements. Our staff of engineers has the experience and expertise with hydraulic models such as KYPipe to provide our clients with the best engineering data possible.

Discharge Compliance2020-02-14T12:55:55-05:00

Kenvirons’ expert services include discharge permitting, monitoring, and ongoing compliance with applicable permits and regulations. We have the knowledge and experience to provide compliance services for a wide range of discharge types and parameters to keep our clients in compliance.


Our expert water/wastewater engineering services include practices, policies, equipment, personnel and resources relative to compliance with USEPA’s Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance program and initiatives. Kenvirons provides our clients with specific recommendations and budget items for improvement of CMOM functions using the guidelines in place by USEPA.

Industrial Pretreatment2020-02-14T12:56:54-05:00

We have provided our clients with the engineering proficiency to develop industrial pretreatment programs and systems that protect POTW’s infrastructure while reducing contaminants released to the environment. Our industrial pretreatment engineering solutions have served our clientele at the highest level for many years.

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